AXDU Workshop for AstraZeneca CVRM Congress

The habit of going to congress has been broken

COVID-19 has been the largest behaviour change experiment in modern human history.

The cancellation of congresses around the world has broken age-old attendee habits. This has prompted a re-evaluation of congress goals by HCPs. Is attending worth all the travel? Is attending important for my career? Is this congress going to give me what I really want and need?

Those companies designing their experiences around these new goals are achieving more attendee and business impact. The rest are wondering why what worked before isn’t working now…

The workshop purpose

On Wednesday 16th March, we’ll demonstrate the power of Behavioural Science, as part of WRG’s Attendee Experience Design (AXD) Unit, to help you:

  1. Identify new and enduring HCP congress goals and behaviours
  2. Design a more impactful CVRM Booth experience

This is an abridged 2-hour version of a 2 day workshop.


Part 1 – ‘Learn. Feel’

  • Understanding Congress from a goal and behavioural perspective
  • Exploring HCP intentions to attend and engage
  • Applying the 7 Drivers approach to decode HCP behaviours

Part 2 – Do’

  • Uncovering intervention territories
  • Recognising potential and priority of intervention ideas
  • Delivering concrete outputs to take away today


  1. A high-level understanding of how Behavioural Science, as part of the AXD Unit, can help you design a more impactful CVRM congress experience.
  2. Tactical ideas for enabling CVRM congress audiences to better meet their goals.
  3. A roadmap for deploying Behavioural Science across 2022 and 2023 CVRM congress experiences (post workshop).

Meet the AXD Unit

Watch the video below to discover more about the unit, scroll over the video to see the controls and unmute.

The AXD Unit combines a proprietary 7 Drivers behavioural science tool with data analytics and digital and live UX to enable experience planners to truly understand what blocks or drives their attendee behaviour and design more impactful live and virtual experiences.

The AXD Unit works alongside WRG’s creative and production teams to deliver an end-to-end experience design process:

The experts in the room

Swipe left and discover more about the team joining you on the day:

Behavioural Science explainer

Behavioural Science is the field that describes how people actually think and act, rather than how they should or like to think they do.

Through our own 7 Drivers insights framework, we quickly get to understand what drives or blocks any behaviour. We’ve used the framework for clients across multiple sectors and industries including healthcare, energy and sustainability, financial and consumer goods.

We then design and deliver interventions that are focused on changing behaviours that count. We’ve proven with award winning experiences that our strategies and experiments to drive behaviour change are robust and scientific, globally.

Finally, we develop measures that are robust and nuanced to understand and demonstrate the change we’ve created.

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