Year ONE – The Intern Panel

Our interns gave us the lowdown on Year ONE. Hear six different perspectives from our panel featuring Rebecca, Molly, Jessica, Sam, Darcey and Arvin as they give their thoughts on the programme so far and advice if you’re considering applying for the program.







While everyone has different answers, common themes are loving the on-site experience (actually working at an event), self-discovery in different departments, and urging new applicants to speak up and ask questions! Even if you think they sound silly – they never are and are always met with support.

Read on for the inside scoop.

What has been your highlight of Year ONE so far?

Rebecca: My first on-site experience in Paris! I wasn’t sure what to expect but found myself getting very busy, very quickly and learnt that I thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Molly: The onsite trip in Berlin with the healthcare logistics team (looking after lots of delegates including catering, transport, and meeting spaces) and experiencing the event come to life.

Jessica: Going onsite for a congress, watching the exhibition booth being built to perfection and our visuals come to life! It was an extremely rewarding and pivotal character-building moment in my career.

Sam: Running my own project in Nice! I was pleasantly surprised to be given the responsibility and had lots of support but feel very proud to have done a good job.

Darcey: Going onsite to Amsterdam with the delegate experience team managing over 400 meetings over four days for senior clients and helping out at a networking evening the event team produced. I had a blast!

Arvin: Going on-site in Prague with the logistics team. I learnt a lot and found myself getting involved in so many different aspects of the day.

Molly sightseeing in Lyon
Vienna views from Rebecca

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learnt during your first two rotations?

Sam: It was nothing like my ‘stereotypical intern’ expectations where I thought we’d be making cups of tea. It felt like we were really part of the team and everyone was super keen to get us involved.

Molly: That everyone is still learning each day so don’t be afraid to ask questions and put yourself out there, they are all there to support you.

Rebecca: Just how much you can learn in eight months!

Arvin: How committed my colleagues are to helping me learn! Every time I needed guidance someone took their time to explain things and gave me the opportunity to make mistakes so I could improve.

Jessica: The amount of small but crucial steps there are to building an event!

Darcey: The more you step out of your comfort zone, the more beneficial this year will be. Jessica and I even tried out the office chess set…

Did the skills you gained in your first rotation help you in the second?

Jessica: This was my first office job so learning to communicate correctly via email has helped me approach all my communication confidently.

Arvin: Yes, I had a solid understanding of the company going into the second rotation which gave me great confidence in taking on new tasks professionally.

Darcey: 100%, the skills I learnt in the first four months like booking a desk or talking to suppliers and venues were all helpful in my second rotation.

Molly: I think the skill that helped me most is time management and not overloading yourself to meet the deadlines set.

Sam: Absolutely! Your first rotation gives you a grounding in skills that you continue to build on – things like budget management, the client base, and how to use company resources.

Rebecca: Absolutely. Many of the fundamental skills learnt during my first rotation were transferrable to the second, meaning I felt a lot more confident stepping into roles in different departments.  

What do you think about trying out different departments in an internship rather than choosing one specialism?

Sam: This is perhaps the crowning USP of the Year ONE internship. Trying different departments means you can make an informed career decision, meet so many more people, build an enviable skillset, and learn how all the departments work together.

Darcey: It’s an amazing opportunity for someone who has no events background.

Rebecca: It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone like me, who doesn’t know exactly where they would be the best fit.

Molly: It allows you to gain so many skills in different job roles which opens up so many more opportunities for work.

Jessica: I think it is undeniably beneficial. I entered the role thinking I would enjoy one department more than the other however moving further along I’ve discovered my strengths lie elsewhere.

Arvin: I think it’s a great opportunity to switch specialisms and see what fits you and what doesn’t.

What advice would you give to someone applying for Year ONE?

Molly: Give it your all, be present, and open to anything thrown your way. Never be afraid to ask questions even if you think they are silly. There is so much support offered by the company so make sure you take it!

Darcey: Make the most out of the experience because it will go quickly! WRG is full of talent so talk to as many people as possible.

Jessica: Be open minded and don’t doubt yourself as we are all in the same boat. Enjoy it!

Sam: My main advice is to just do it! If you’re not afraid to get stuck in, be surrounded by lovely colleagues, are creative and ready for growth then what are you waiting for?

Rebecca: You get out what you put in so don’t be afraid to get stuck in and ask lots of questions because WRG is full of amazing people who are more than happy to help you!

Arvin: Double check everything you submit – this will set you apart right from the beginning. And, be your authentic self while giving your all to the process!

The Year ONE’s with some of the wider WRG team.

So, that’s the wrap-up from the panel – we promise we didn’t pay them to say these things! If you’re interested in applying for Year ONE head to this page to apply.

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