Brand Centre Open Event

Produced for adidas by
WRG Hong Kong

Brand Centre Open Event

We needed to deliver and execute a high profile opening night in the heart of Hong Kong’s CBD area for adidas’ brand new, Brand Centre.

The Challenge

WRG were tasked to intelligently deliver an event of scale, impact and public engagement; whilst having to contend with Hong Kong’s infamously narrow streets, scarce space and 7pm peak traffic...

The Solution

We created and choreographed an explosive dance performance in the first floor window of the Brand Centre as an opening moment — for all to enjoy.

By utilising the first floor window, we were able to build suspense and frame the performance perfectly with an opening moment from within the heart of the Brand Centre.

It also allowed us to reach and engage the general public in a way that a traditional opening ceremony could never have achieved.

The Result

We amplified the profile and visibility of the Brand Centre, leaving a lasting impression on the Hong Kong retail market – and, quite literally, stopped people and traffic dead in their tracks at Hong Kong’s busiest CBD intersection.

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