ERS Respiratory Congress Experience

ERS Respiratory Congress Experience

Respiratory Congress AR Exhibition Experience

ERS is the world’s biggest respiratory congress drawing 20,000 attendees each year. Of course, it’s a major date in the calendars of all our pharma clients and we needed to stand out…

The Challenge

To create an immersive exhibition experience to paint a picture of life with & without our client’s product – for people living with a progressive lung disease.

The Solution

Joining up our scientific engagement, creative, environments and immersive teams we came up with the concept of a ‘white-out’ space that would come to life in full colour through the lens of a tablet’s camera.

We built one environment physically – a normal, domestic setting but devoid of colour – and our designers and developers built a second augmented reality environment, digitally.

The Result

419 individual users, 6608 messages triggered, 5min average interaction time.

But above all, visitors made an emotional connection and understanding of the impact this product could have on someone’s life. The brand’s customers walked away with a deeper understanding of the product’s key message.

Our stand acted as a catalyst for a change in mindsets and sales of the product in Europe increased by 17%. The Unforgettable Moment

Winning two bronzes and a silver in 3 categories at an exhibition awards show for: craft, interactivity and innovation.

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