ASCO Virtual 360° Environment

A virtual 360° environment providing an enriched visitor journey showcasing products and offering visitor interaction

The Challenge

Unable to physically take a booth to ASCO, our pharmaceutical client wanted to create an engaging digital environment for delegates to still be able to explore their product in the virtual world

The Solution

  • We developed a bespoke branded online hub for delegates to navigate through the different congress and company activities at the event
  • Our custom booth design was able to deliver on all brand objectives whilst providing a user-friendly digital experience
  • Unconstrained by physics and the laws of gravity in this virtual world, our designers were able to let their imaginations run wild
  • Arriving at the booth, customers were welcomed by a company representative via a live chat, here users could ask questions and reps would make suggestions on areas of interest which the delegate may want to visit
  • Virtual meeting spaces were bookable on the booth using a congress calendar, to allow delegates to have in-depth discussions with reps
  • Both live and pre-recorded presentations provided a deep dive into content
  • After presentations delegates were able participate in live Q&A directly with the onscreen presenters

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