Brand Launch Event

Produced for Chivas by
WRG Hong Kong

Brand Launch Event

We were asked by Chivas to provide a special launch event for a very special whiskey, The Icon...

The Challenge

Chivas wanted the launch of prestige The Icon to change the perception of blended whiskey, elevate the overall perception of the brand and encourage sales of a whisky worth HK$28,800 per bottle.

The Solution

Over several nights at an exclusive venue, we filled the small rooms and secret passageways with carefully curated sensory engagements to reflect the complexity of the new blend.

At each stage of the evening, a different ritual was performed, demonstrating the finesse, knowledge and craft required to be successful at the art of blending – all whilst indulging the guests in this most luxurious of experiences.

Based on positive initial reaction to the House of Chivas, what started as a brief for a single event morphed into a four-day production with 15 events.

The Result

“WRG’s enthusiasm, professionalism and constant attention to every development allowed us to create a memorable moment for those who visited, and bring Chivas to life in a new way in Hong Kong.””

Luxury Director, Pernod Ricard Asia.

The Unforgettable Moment

When all ten bottles of the limited edition Chivas Icon bottles in Hong Kong were sold, on the spot…

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