Deloitte EA 2019

Deloitte EA 2019

Deloitte Experience Analytics 2019

Helping a C-Suite audience to dive into the latest trends and opportunities of AI and analytics.

The Challenge

As this was our second year delivering Experience Analytics, we needed to continue to evolve the event identity integrating it into narrative, environments and interactive experiences to deliver something unique and engaging for 2019.

The Solution

We took an ‘insight-driven’ approach, living and breathing the very essence of this event: unlocking the potential of analytics.

We collected and analysed data for valuable insights. We also crowdsourced content prior to the event – resulting in an experience and agenda that the audience could own for themselves. We designed 2-4 simultaneous sessions in nearly every time-slot. The delegates could build their own agenda and explore the topics that mattered most to them. All of this was bookended by keynotes from Deloitte and their lead sponsor, Google Cloud.

The Result

Social media coverage was great, from Deloitte and the audience alike.

The Unforgettable Moment

This year the event hosted Deloitte’s first ever hackathon!

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