Partner and Director Meetings

Produced for Deloitte by
WRG London and Manchester

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Partner and Director Meetings

We took Deloitte on a bold departure from the usual annual partner meeting — to stretch the thinking of its partners and directors…

The Challenge

For the partners and directors, we needed to provide an event of greater value than a day at the coalface with their clients…

The Solution

We blended the usual internal strategy meeting content with something special — two days of engaging, inspiring talks by some of the world’s biggest thinkers under the concept of ‘Moonshot Thinking’.

We created a programme of events that would truly stretch them — and provide knowledge and insights they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

In the evening, our audience could then meet and sample the work of the ‘connoisseurs’ — world-class premium brands, from food, fashion and beyond, with product stories as interesting as the people behind them.

The Result

The highest ever sign-up rate for an internal event — and best feedback to date from both stakeholders and audience members.

The Unforgettable Moment

Founder of the Internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, revealing his next Moonshot to the select audience…

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