EE Live

Produced for EE by
WRG London and Manchester

With thanks to

  • WRG Creative
  • WRG Live
  • WRG Logistics
  • WRG Film
  • WRG Digital

EE Live

A new company, a new brand, a new network… We launched EE to the UK media, key stakeholders – and their internal employees.

The Challenge

The internal event was created to ensure that all employees would truly comprehend the impact the EE brand would have in delivering a digitally better Britain.

The Solution

Audience assembled, we parted the musion wall to reveal a vast, unexpected, interactive space… ‘EE Land’.

Dramatising the high-speed possibilities of 4G, we filled the arena with innovative, multi-sensory experiences to demonstrate its speed, reach and the new digital era it now heralded.

Fun, vibrant, colourful, EE people and stakeholders were encouraged to discover — and feel — the new brand in a unique, memorable way.

The Result

‘Quite simply, thank you… You delivered brilliantly for us under the toughest conditions. Thanks for your patience, professionalism and never-ending calm.’
Director of CEO Office

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