Internal Business Conference

Produced for First Direct by
WRG Manchester

With thanks to

  • WRG Creative
  • WRG Live

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Internal Business Conference

first direct — the unexpected bank — asked us to deliver an equally unexpected approach to this year’s series of ‘direction’ meetings…

The Challenge

As off-the-wall comes naturally to them, we needed to give first direct more than just a great execution of a creative theme…

The Solution

Trusting our process and insight gathering, we came up with ‘Business as Unusual’ — a creative and thematic framework that was as appropriate to their approach to business as it was reflective of their personality…

A top-hatted, Willy Wonka-esque compere (a key stakeholder), took the assembled along the ‘yellow brick road’ of the last year, though the ‘stormy landscape’ of the tough banking climate, and to an ‘enchanted garden’ to handpick recent magical achievements.

The event climaxed with a compilation of footage from the ‘Wonder Emporium’, a pop-up marquee at their HQ where first direct people had been encouraged to demonstrate their own unique talents and share what makes the bank so special.

The Result

Due to the success of the event, first direct have since applied the theme, look and feel of ‘Business as Unusual’ to a range of their internal communications.

The Unforgettable Moment

A celebratory, fire-side story from an oversized armchair on stage — a reading out of genuine, affecting customer feedback letters.

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