Google Digital Garage pop-up spaces

Google Digital Garage pop-up spaces

A series of flexible, digital learning spaces that represent the google brand and are suitable for any venue

The Challenge

To create a physical, immersive learning and education space for Google’s Digital Garage concept – and make it adaptable, scalable and easy to install in virtually any public space in the UK.

The Solution

We executed a temporary yet robust piece of design that was tactile, affordable, and travelled well. Raw untreated materials combined with simple, modular construction techniques gave these spaces a utilitarian and functional charm.

Careful consideration of practical and logistical design constraints provided Google with the confidence to book practically any venue – no matter how awkward the space.

The Result

We’ve delivered five garages across the UK, to date. Due to the success of these projects, the programme has been expanded into sector specific exhibitions – and we now run multiple Garages concurrently.

The Unforgettable Moment

Spotting several members of the WRG installation team on the BBC News during the press launch of the Birmingham Digital Garage. Our head of environments was also filmed taking part in his own digital training session. One for the album and an easy way to explain to our Mums what we do for a living!

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