Contact Lens Product Launch

Contact Lens Product Launch

The Challenge

We knew we needed to create a truly memorable product launch for our audience of eye specialists for this new Contact Lens product to help our client break into an already busy marketplace.

The Solution

We wanted to start the event with an unforgettable, physicalised opening experience, hero-ing the new technology of the lenses by bringing the product’s unique selling point to life in a similarly unique way. We took inspiration from the products water gradient technology and created a water gradient tunnel. In short, we made it rain indoors…

The Result

The clients were really pleased with the launch and it was such a successful concept that we were commissioned to reproduced the event in North America due to the success we had in Europe.

The Unforgettable Moment

Watching delegates looking on in amazement as they walked through the indoor rain (from under the safety of our umbrellas of course)!

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