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Over one of its annual four-day conferences, HP wanted to position itself as the global thought leader in the field of business technology...

The Challenge

In a sector continually pushing forward, to present HP as the most forward-thinking provider to its partners and customers.

The Solution

In a leading event concerning itself with the merging of technology infrastructure, we realised that we had to provide a heightened sense of ‘convergence’.

We designed spaces to enable quality conversations and deals to happen, and provided an exhibition space to facilitate the coming together of technological minds.

And we provided lectures, break-outs and star-turns from forward thinkers there to push the importance of relentless pursuing innovation.

The Result

“The most successful HP Tech@Work to date” — from HP themselves.

The Unforgettable Moment

Dr Robert Ballard, oceanographer, talking through the spectacular underwater footage of his ground-breaking voyage to rediscover the Titanic…

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