IMHX Conference

Produced for Linde by
WRG Manchester

With thanks to

  • WRG Creative
  • WRG Environments
  • WRG Logistics

IMHX Conference

In this competitive sector, we needed to create something that would raise the bar for Linde and reflect their extensive range of innovative products.

The Challenge

With IMHX occurring only once every three years, Linde were looking for a memorable, stand-out concept to showcase their innovative product range and extensive service offering.

The Solution

Our booth concept ‘Where better begins’ provided a platform to address the twin pillars of innovation and partnership — and develop experiential touchpoints for all of the six zones that represented the areas of Linde’s offering.

Each zone sported a striking six metre high video totem with bespoke animation to draw people to relevant experiential touchpoints and, of course, the trucks.

The Result

‘Thanks for WRG’s massive contribution to a successful show... The feedback from both our own staff and customers has been universally positive‚Ķ Your steadying hand was invaluable.’
UK Head of Marketing

The Unforgettable Moment

Manoeuvring very heavy trucks onto a raised deck — not for the faint hearted!

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