Olympic Torch Relay

Produced for London 2012 by
WRG London and Manchester

With thanks to

  • WRG Live
  • WRG Logistics

Olympic Torch Relay

The Olympic Torch Relay for the London 2012 Olympic Games would ignite a great deal of national pride. Every night, at the end of every leg, it was our job to keep the flame alive…

The Challenge

To keep the Olympic flame and national pride burning, we had to deliver back-to-back evening events, one for each of the sixty-six consecutive nights.

The Solution

To consistently keep the buzz alive, every day for over two months, we had to work tirelessly with big brand sponsors and local authorities on a wide range of planning issues.

Live television, national and local. Councils. Security. Stage construction. Tour sponsors. Medical provision… all and more had to be considered in a colossal, behind-the-scenes planning mission.

Some events had audiences of up to 50,000 — and often held in local authorities unaccustomed to dealing with large events. But we ensured a consistency of delivery, day after day.

The Result

We were asked, once more, to contribute to the national celebration of 2012 and given the honour of supporting the Paralympic Torch Relay.

The Unforgettable Moment

Every night, after every leg, on mountain tops, in cities — a different torch lit in front of proud local crowds.

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