CSR Event Programme

Produced for Shell by
WRG Doha

With thanks to

  • WRG Creative
  • WRG Live
  • WRG Logistics
  • WRG Film

CSR Event Programme

Shell’s sponsorship of Qatar’s annual football tournament, ‘HH The Emir’s Cup’, presented an opportunity to be more than a local employer and prove the company’s place as a part of the community.

The Challenge

To elevate Shell’s CSR activity and create an interactive and health-focused activation that engaged children with healthy messages — using football.

The Solution

We took the young audience’s infatuation with the beautiful game and played to it to encourage them to participate.

Outside the tournament final’s venue, we created the Energy Challenge. A distinctly ‘Shell’ yellow environment, it attracted the attention of kids who took part in penalty shoot-outs, skills challenges and accuracy tests.

Suitable musical entertainment further underlined the whole event’s warm, family feel and helped to garner the enthusiastic responses on social media channels.

The Result

“We simply wanted to say thank you to all of you… for your professionalism, dedication and for delivering this event in such a short time.”
The Shell Team

The Unforgettable Moment

The reaction of children who couldn’t wait to get involved, to show off their skills and take part in some healthy, friendly competition with smiles on their faces.

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