Grand Départ

Produced for Tour de France by
WRG Manchester and London

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Grand Départ

For the Grand Départ, the biggest race the United Kingdom has ever staged, we provided the required massive event management infrastructure…

The Challenge

To turn the UK’s largest county into a safe and successful stage for the Grand Départ.

The Solution

Road closures, stewards, communications, barriers, onsite medical provision — and toilets — to serve up to five million spectators.

Everything that the race required — including more fencing than was available in the British Isles — we helped to procure.

In order to see and hear everything that we needed to — and ensure that Yorkshire still functioned — we had a base in the best vantage point in the county: the Police headquarters.

The Result

‘Yesterday (Stage 1), I was impressed… But today? It was unbelievable, incredible, amazing, astonishing…’
Christian Prudhomme, General Director of the Tour de France

The Unforgettable Moment

Between stages — and on both sides every road — the clearing and redeployment of two hundred kilometres of fencing in just eight hours.

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