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Key Opinion Leaders


We produced a spectacular summit in Dubai for Merz Aesthetics to showcase their aesthetic medicine portfolio to an audience of 50 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). As part of the overall event production we created a bespoke visual identity, beautiful animations and engaging film content, all celebrating the diversity and inclusion.

The client

Merz Aesthetics produces a wide range of treatments, including dermal fillers and non-invasive lifts. Their healthcare heritage stretches back more than a hundred years and they aim to equip practitioners with expert insights and the latest clinical practices to help them deliver treatments confidently. They support practitioners through bespoke learning and events so that they can provide the best service.

The challenge

Merz wanted to take their relationship with a key group of healthcare professionals to the next level, they needed a high energy, educational, community-focused experience to wow delegates.

The intelligence

Our Creative, Event Production, Film and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) teams worked together to create an impactful and engaging visual identity for the event. Our strapline was ‘uniqueness multiplied,’ to emphasise both the individuality and diversity of those attending, while creating that community feel. Our designs featured a colourful kaleidoscope, incorporating palm leaves, henna design, butterflies and jasmine flowers, to reflect that diversity and our Middle East location.

We worked closely with the client and our DEI team and went through several design iterations to ensure that they included people from a wide range of backgrounds. Every element of the design had a purpose: our butterflies reflected the ‘uniqueness’ of our strapline, as there are around 17500 species worldwide. Jasmine flowers symbolise inspiration and community in many cultures, while lotus flowers represent unity. We also incorporated palm leaves to reflect our Dubai location.

The solution

Our Dubai hotel conference room was transformed into a colourful, engaging, yet intimate setting for our healthcare practitioners. We wanted our event production to reflect and incorporate our ‘uniqueness multiplied’ visual identity, so the sofas and table lamps formed a circle with our curved LED screens on stage, mimicking our kaleidoscope design. The table lamp colours also tied in with the brand colours of the various treatments within Merz’s portfolio. The combination of all these factors created a visually striking, but intimate setting for our delegates, with the seating arrangements really making them feel part of the action.

Our visual identity was used throughout the venue as both static imagery and in an animated format created by our film team. These elements brought the visual identity to life, immersing delegates in the branding. An activation corner which allowed HCPs to take selfies and group photos with the event branding proved very popular.

Animations and stings bringing our visual identity to life were created by our film team and displayed on screens around the venue, immersing delegates in the branding. The team also created highlights films for internal use and social media. The crew filmed presentations on stage, recorded interviews and edited the footage onsite, so that we were able to close the event with the highlights of the last two days.

The highlights

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